Term:Performance-Based Acquisition Management

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A-11 Section 300

Performance-Based Acquisition Management - Performance-based acquisition management means a documented, systematic process for program management, which includes integration of program scope, schedule and cost objectives, establishment of a baseline plan for accomplishment of program objectives, and use of earned value techniques for performance measurement during execution of the program. EVMS is required for those parts of the investment where developmental effort is required. This includes prototypes and tests to select the most cost effective alternative during the Planning Phase, the work during the Acquisition Phase, and any developmental, modification or upgrade work done during the Operational/Steady State Phase. EVMS is to be applied to both Government and contractor efforts and regardless of contract type. For operational/steady state systems, an operational analysis as discussed in Phase IV of the Capital Programming Guide is required. A performance-based acquisition (as defined in the Federal Acquisition Regulation 37.101) or contract/agreement with a defined quality assurance plan that includes performance standards/measures should be the basis for monitoring contractor or in-house performance of this phase. Information on this requirement can be found in OMB Memorandum 05-23, Improving Information Technology (IT) Project Planning and Execution.