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DoDI 4630.5

Capability-Focused, Effects-Based Interoperability - An interoperability process that: E2.1.3.1. Includes experts from the operational community to identify, consolidate and prioritize interoperability needs; and synchronize non-materiel solutions with materiel solutions for both new and fielded capabilities. E2.1.3.2. Characterizes IT and NSS interoperability needs in a capability- focused, effects-based context using integrated architectures derived from Joint Operating Concepts (JOCs) and Joint Functional Concepts (JFCs). E2.1.3.3. Assesses net-readiness; information assurance requirements; and both the technical exchange of information and the end-to-end operational effectiveness of that exchange using the NR-KPP. E2.1.3.4. Incorporates both materiel (acquisition or procurement) and non- materiel (doctrine, organization, training, leadership and education, personnel, or facilities) solutions. E2.1.3.5. Verifies interoperability solutions in formal tests or operational exercises. E2.1.3.6. Continuously verifies the NR-KPP and evaluates overall IT and NSS interoperability, within a given capability, throughout a system's life. E2.1.3.