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Security Training and Briefings

Section 1. Security Training and Briefings

3-100 General
  Contractors shall provide all cleared employees with security training and briefings commensurate with their involvement with classified information.
3-101 Training Materials
  Contractors may obtain defensive security, threat awareness, and other education and training information and material from their CSA or other sources.
3-102 FSO Training
  Contractors shall be responsible for ensuring that the FSO, and others performing security duties, complete security training considered appropriate by the CSA. Training requirements shall be based on the facility's involvement with classified information and may include an FSO orientation course and for FSOs at facilities with safeguarding capability, an FSO Program Management Course. Training, if required, should be completed within 1 year of appointment to the position of FSO.
3-103 Government-Provided Briefings
  The CSA is responsible for providing initial security briefings to the FSO and for ensuring that other briefings required for special categories of information are provided.
3-104 Temporary Help Suppliers
  A temporary help supplier, or other contractor who employs cleared individuals solely for dispatch elsewhere, shall be responsible for ensuring that required briefings are provided to their cleared personnel. The temporary help supplier or the using contractor may conduct these briefings.
3-105 Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement (SF 312)
  The SF 312 is an agreement between the United States and an individual who is cleared for access to classified information. An employee issued an initial PCL must execute an SF 312 prior to being granted access to classified information. The contractor shall forward the executed SF 312 to the CSA for retention. If the employee refuses to execute the SF 312, the contractor shall deny the employee access to classified information and submit a report to the CSA. The SF 312 shall be signed and dated by the employee and witnessed. The employee's and witness' signatures must bear the same date.
3-106 Initial Security Briefings
  Prior to being granted access to classified information, an employee shall receive an initial security briefing that includes the following:
a. A threat awareness briefing.
b. A defensive security briefing.
c. An overview of the security classification system.
d. Employee reporting obligations and requirements.
e. Security procedures and duties applicable to the employee's job.
3-107 Refresher Training
  The contractor shall provide all cleared employees with some form of security education and training at least annually. Refresher training shall reinforce the information provided during the initial security briefing and shall keep cleared employees informed of appropriate changes in security regulations. Training methods may include group briefings, interactive videos, dissemination of instructional materials, or other media and methods. Contractors shall maintain records about the programs offered and employee participation in them. This requirement may be satisfied by use of distribution lists, facility/department-wide newsletters, or other means acceptable to the FSO.
3-108 Debriefings
  Contractors shall debrief cleared employees at the time of termination of employment (discharge, resignation, or retirement); when an employee's PCL is terminated, suspended, or revoked; and upon termination of the FCL.