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CNSSI 4009

Special Access Program (SAP) - Sensitive program, approved in writing by a head of agency with original top secret classification authority, that imposes need-to-know and access controls beyond those normally provided for access to Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret information. The level of controls is based on the criticality of the program and the assessed hostile intelligence threat. The program may be an acquisition program, an intelligence program, or an operations and support program. [Joint Pub 1-02, 12 Apr 2001]

DoD 5200.1-R

Special Access Program (SAP) - Any DoD program or activity (as authorized in E.O. 12958) ( reference (e)), employing enhanced security measures (e.g., safeguarding, access requirements, etc.) exceeding those normally required for collateral information at the same level of classification shall be established, approved, and managed as a DoD SAP. AP2.1.62.

DoD 5220.22-M

Special Access Program (SAP) - Any program that is established to control access, distribution, and to provide protection for particularly sensitive classified information beyond that normally required for TOP SECRET, SECRET, or CONFIDENTIAL information. A Special Access Program can be created or continued only as authorized by a senior agency official delegated such authority pursuant to reference (b).

DSS Glossary

Special Access Program - Approved program which imposes strict clearance and investigative criteria, need-to-know and access controls beyond those normally required for access to CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET, or TOP SECRET information.

NIST SP 800-53r3

Special Access Program - A program established for a specific class of classified information that imposes safeguarding and access requirements that exceed those normally required for information at the same classification level. [CNSSI 4009]