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FAR Subpart 2.1

Source Selection Information - "Source selection information" means any of the following information that is prepared for use by an agency for the purpose of evaluating a bid or proposal to enter into an agency procurement contract, if that information has not been previously made available to the public or disclosed publicly:

(1) Bid prices submitted in response to an agency invitation for bids, or lists of those bid prices before bid opening.
(2) Proposed costs or prices submitted in response to an agency solicitation, or lists of those proposed costs or prices.
(3) Source selection plans.
(4) Technical evaluation plans.
(5) Technical evaluations of proposals.
(6) Cost or price evaluations of proposals.
(7) Competitive range determinations that identify proposals that have a reasonable chance of being selected for award of a contract.
(8) Rankings of bids, proposals, or competitors.
(9) Reports and evaluations of source selection panels, boards, or advisory councils.
(10) Other information marked as "Source Selection Information-See FAR 2.101 and 3.104" based on a case-by-case determination by the head of the agency or the contracting officer, that its disclosure would jeopardize the integrity or successful completion of the Federal agency procurement to which the information relates.