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CNSSI 4009

Operations Security (OPSEC) - Systematic and proven process by which potential adversaries can be denied information about capabilities and intentions by identifying, controlling, and protecting generally unclassified evidence of the planning and execution of sensitive activities. The process involves five steps: identification of critical information, analysis of threats, analysis of vulnerabilities, assessment of risks, and application of appropriate countermeasures.

DSS Glossary

Operations Security - Analytic process used to deny a adversary information- generally unclassified-concerning intentions and capabilities by identifying, planning processes or operations. Operations Security does not replace other security disciplines-it supplements them. The Operations Security process includes the following five steps: (1) identify critical information, (2) identify the threat, (3) assess vulnerabilities, (4) analyze the risk, (5) develop and apply counter measures.


Operations Security (OPSEC) - Process denying information to potential adversaries about capabilities and/or intentions by identifying, controlling, and protecting unclassified generic activities.