Term:Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter

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DoDI 4630.5

Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter (NR-KPP) - The NR-KPP assesses information needs, information timeliness, information assurance, and net-ready attributes required for both the technical exchange of information and the end-to-end operational effectiveness of that exchange. The NR-KPP consists of verifiable performance measures and associated metrics required to evaluate the timely, accurate, and complete exchange and use of information to satisfy information needs for a given capability. The NR-KPP is comprised of the following elements: E2.1.27.1. Compliance with the NCOW RM. E2.1.27.2. Compliance with applicable GIG Key Interface Profiles. E2.1.27.3. Verification of compliance with DoD information assurance requirements. E2.1.27.4. Supporting integrated architecture products required to assess information exchange and use for a given capability. E2.1.27.