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FAR Subpart 2.1

Federally-Controlled Facilities - "Federally-controlled facilities" means-

(1) Federally-owned buildings or leased space, whether for single or multi-tenant occupancy, and its grounds and approaches, all or any portion of which is under the jurisdiction, custody or control of a department or agency;
(2) Federally-controlled commercial space shared with non-government tenants. For example, if a department or agency leased the 10th floor of a commercial building, the Directive applies to the 10th floor only;
(3) Government-owned, contractor-operated facilities, including laboratories engaged in national defense research and production activities; and
(4) Facilities under a management and operating contract, such as for the operation, maintenance, or support of a Government-owned or Government-controlled research, development, special production, or testing establishment.