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DoD 5200.1-R

Declassification Authority - AP2.1.26.1. The official who authorized the original classification, if that official is still serving in the same position; AP2.1.26.2. The originator's current successor in function; AP2.1.26.3. A supervisory official of either; or AP2.1.26.4. Officials delegated declassification authority in writing by the Agency Head or the Senior Agency Official. AP2.1.26.

DSS Glossary

Declassification Authority - Information may be declassified and downgraded by the Secretary of Defense, the Secretaries of the Military Departments, those officials who have been delegated Original Classification Authority, and officials who have been delegated declassification authority. The authority to declassify information extends only to information for which the specific official has classification, program, or functional responsibility.