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DSS Glossary

Counterintelligence Assessment - A Department of Defense Component's comprehensive analysis or study of a relevant Counterintelligence topic, event, situation, issue, or development. Counterintelligence assessments require exhaustive amounts of research, and the production timeline can range from days to months. When conducted in support of a Research, Development, and Acquisition program with Critical Program Information, the assessment describes the threat a foreign entity (such as person, representative, corporation, government, military, or commercial) represents to the Critical Program Information/system assessed. The assessment is multidisciplinary, as it includes an analysis of the diverse foreign collection modalities available, the relative effectiveness of each, and capability of the foreign entity to collect information about research efforts, the technology, and/or system under development. The assessment may include the impact to the Department of Defense if the technology is compromised and be complimentary to, integrated with, or independent of the Technology Targeting Risk Assessment provided by the Defense Intelligence Community.