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Historical Archives

NIST documents that are now obsolete or nearly obsolete, due to changes in technologies and/or environments, or documents that have had newer versions published, thereby making these obsolete. These are listed here mostly for academic and historical purposes.

NIST SP 800-29 A Comparison of the Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules in FIPS 140-1 and FIPS 140-2
NIST SP 800-13 Telecommunications Security Guidelines for Telecommunications Management Network
NIST SP 800-11 The Impact of the FCC's Open Network Architecture on NS/EP Telecommunications Security
NIST SP 800-10 Keeping Your Site Comfortably Secure: An Introduction to Internet Firewalls
NIST SP 800-09 Good Security Practices for Electronic Commerce, Including Electronic Data Interchange
NIST SP 800-08 Security Issues in the Database Language SQL
NIST SP 800-07 Security in Open Systems
NIST SP 800-06 Automated Tools for Testing Computer System Vulnerability
NIST SP 800-05 A Guide to the Selection of Anti-Virus Tools and Techniques
NIST SP 800-04 Computer Security Considerations in Federal Procurements: A Guide for Procurement Initiators
NIST SP 800-03 Establishing a Computer Security Incident Response Capability (CSIRC)
NIST SP 800-02 Public-Key Cryptography
NIST IR 6483 Randomness Testing of the Advanced Encryption Standard Finalist Candidates
NIST IR 6390 Randomness Testing of the Advanced Encryption Standard Candidate Algorithms
NIST IR 5590 Proceedings Report of the International Invitation Workshop on Developmental Assurance
NIST IR 5570 An Assessment of the DOD Goal Security Architecture (DGSA) for Non-Military Use
NIST IR 5540 Multi-Agency Certification and Accreditation (CandA) Process: A Worked Example
NIST IR 5495 Computer Security Training and Awareness Course Compendium
NIST IR 5472 A Head Start on Assurance Proceedings of an Invitational Workshop on Information Technology (IT) Assurance and Trustworthiness
NIST IR 5308 General Procedures for Registering Computer Security Objects
NIST IR 5283 Security of SQL-Based Implementations of Product Data Exchange Using Step
NIST IR 5234 Report of the NIST Workshop on Digital Signature Certificate Management, December 10-11, 1992
NIST IR 5232 Report of the NSF/NIST Workshop on NSFNET/NREN Security, July 6-7, 1992
NIST IR 5153 Minimum Security Requirements for Multi-User Operating Systems
NIST IR 4976 Assessing Federal and Commercial Information Security Needs
NIST IR 4939 Threat Assessment of Malicious Code and External Attacks
NIST IR 4774 A Review of U.S. and European Security Evaluation Criteria
NIST IR 4749 Sample Statements of Work for Federal Computer Security Services: For use In-House or Contracting Out
NIST IR 4734 Foundations of a Security Policy for use of the National Research and Educational Network
NIST SB 2001-07 A Comparison of the Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules in FIPS 140-1 and FIPS 140-2
NIST SB 2000-10 An Overview Of The Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme
NIST SB 2000-07 Identifying Critical Patches With ICat
NIST SB 2000-06 Mitigating Emerging Hacker Threats
NIST SB 1999-12 Operating System Security: Adding to the Arsenal of Security Techniques
NIST SB 1999-11 Acquiring and Deploying Intrusion Detection Systems
NIST SB 1999-09 Securing Web Servers
NIST SB 1999-08 The Advanced Encryption Standard: A Status Report
NIST SB 1999-05 Computer Attacks: What They Are and How to Defend Against Them
NIST SB 1999-02 Enhancements to Data Encryption and Digital Signature Federal Standards
NIST SB 1999-01 Secure Web-Based Access to High Performance Computing Resources
NIST SB 1998-11 Common Criteria: Launching the International Standard
NIST SB 1998-09 Cryptography Standards and Infrastructures for the Twenty-First Century
NIST SB 1998-06 Training for Information Technology Security: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Results-Based Learning
NIST SB 1998-04 Training Requirements for Information Technology Security: An Introduction to Results-Based Learning
NIST SB 1998-03 Management of Risks in Information Systems: Practices of Successful Organizations
NIST SB 1998-02 Information Security and the World Wide Web (WWW)
NIST SB 1997-11 Internet Electronic Mail
NIST SB 1997-07 Public Key Infrastructure Technology
NIST SB 1997-04 Security Considerations In Computer Support and Operations
NIST SB 1997-03 Audit Trails
NIST SB 1997-02 Advanced Encryption Standard
NIST SB 1997-01 Security Issues for Telecommuting
NIST SB 1996-10 Generally Accepted System Security Principles (GSSPs): Guidance On Securing Information Technology (IT) Systems
NIST SB 1996-08 Implementation Issues for Cryptography
NIST SB 1996-06 Information Security Policies For Changing Information Technology Environments
NIST SB 1996-05 The World Wide Web: Managing Security Risks
NIST SB 1996-02 Human/Computer Interface Security Issue
NIST SB 1995-09 Preparing for Contingencies and Disasters
NIST SB 1995-08 FIPS 140-1: A Framework for Cryptographic Standards
NIST SB 1995-02 The Data Encryption Standard: An Update
NIST SB 1994-11 Digital Signature Standard
NIST SB 1994-05 Reducing the Risks of Internet Connection and Use
NIST SB 1994-03 Threats to Computer Systems: An Overview
NIST SB 1994-01 Computer Security Policy
NIST SB 1993-11 People: An Important Asset in Computer Security
NIST SB 1993-08 Security Program Management
NIST SB 1993-07 Connecting to the Internet: Security Considerations
NIST SB 1993-05 Security Issues in Public Access Systems
NIST SB 1992-11 Sensitivity of Information
NIST SB 1992-10 Disposition of Sensitive Automated Information
NIST SB 1992-02 Establishing a Computer Security Incident Handling Capability
NIST SB 1991-11 Advanced Authentication Technology
NIST SB 1991-02 Computer Security Roles of NIST and NSA
NIST SB 1990-08 Computer Virus Attacks

Original source for tables: Guide to NIST Security Documents.