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These documents are being made available as NIST's Cyber Security Resource Center (CSRC) is unavailable during the 2018/2019 federal government shutdown. The documents represent a dump of my local copies of NIST Special Publications, Interagency Reports, Federal Information Processing Standards, and Security Bulletins.

While an effort has been made to clean up the file list there remain the following:

  • Duplicate Files - Exact duplicates have been removed. Where files with similar file titles or versions exist it is because the file size or hash has changed, indicating a silent update by NIST.
  • Draft versions of final documents - Some draft versions of final documents are included because identifying and removing them would have slowed down making the cache available.
  • Incomplete names - Some documents are listed by filename as no index of filenames to full titles was available from NIST.
  • Retired documents - Some documents available here have been retired by NIST and are no longer available on the CSRC site.
  • Large files missing - Due to limitations on file size the repository does not have documents which are larger than 25mb.

This repository will not be updated once the government shutdown is over and CSRC returns to normal operation.

NIST FIPS Documents

NIST Interagency Reports

NIST Security Bulletins

NIST Special Publication 500 Documents

NIST Special Publication 800 Documents

NIST Special Publication 960 Documents

NIST Special Publication 1500 Documents

NIST Special Publication 1800 Documents