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The versions of documents found on FISMApedia are not the original documents. You should not depend on or consider definitive the documents listed on FISMApedia. While every attempt is made to recreate the content of each document without error it is inevitable that the several steps used to reproduce documents in a Wiki will introduce errors. The documents have gone through one (1) or more of the following processes:

  • Conversion from original format
Most documents originate as PDFs and have been converted to text. This process may introduce errors into the original text.
  • Conversion to Wikitext format
Documents have been processed to format using Wikitext markup. This is a job done by hand and prone to formatting mistakes.
  • Processing to add Wikitext links
Documents have been processed to add Wikitext links to a variety of terms, acronyms, rules, laws, regulations and organization names. This process is automated and may introduce errors.
  • Processing to reduce possible conflicts
Documents have been processed to remove text elements which may conflict with Wikitext or with the automated processes used in conversion. For example [square brackets] are replaced with (parenthesis) as the former may introduce errors when adding Wikitext links. Other elements modified are emdash, endash, ampersand, section, bullets, directional single quotes, directional double quotes and some diacritics.
  • Terms and acronyms broken out
Documents with sections or appendices for terms, acronyms, glossaries, definitions and the like will be abbreviated and have the definitions and correlates listed as pointers to each term's definition page. This may be awkward in formatting but plays to the strength in the Wiki system for aggregating information in a more functional format.
  • Term formatting
Terms which include a reference to the original document are modified so that the the reference is listed at the end of the definition. Terms which include an abbreviation at the end of the term designation will have the abbreviation moved to the first element in the definition.
  • Extra -Improved sections added
In some documents where the original formatting seems arbitrary and/or unclear sections may have a second -Improved version created. Changes will be in format and not in content. Changes are intended to make using the document easier by exploding numbered lists embedded in paragraphs or creating lists out of points made within a sentence structure. These stylistic changes should make the content more accessible.