Doc:NIST SP 800-53r3 Appendix F/AU-2

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Control: The organization:
a. Determines, based on a risk assessment and mission/business needs, that the information system must be capable of auditing the following events: [Assignment: organization-defined list of auditable events];
b. Coordinates the security audit function with other organizational entities requiring audit-related information to enhance mutual support and to help guide the selection of auditable events;
c. Provides a rationale for why the list of auditable events are deemed to be adequate to support after-the-fact investigations of security incidents; and
d. Determines, based on current threat information and ongoing assessment of risk, that the following events are to be audited within the information system: [Assignment: organization-defined subset of the auditable events defined in AU-2 a. to be audited along with the frequency of (or situation requiring) auditing for each identified event].
Supplemental Guidance: The purpose of this control is for the organization to identify events which need to be auditable as significant and relevant to the security of the information system; giving an overall system requirement in order to meet ongoing and specific audit needs. To balance auditing requirements with other information system needs, this control also requires identifying that subset of auditable events that are to be audited at a given point in time. For example, the organization may determine that the information system must have the capability to log every file access both successful and unsuccessful, but not activate that capability except for specific circumstances due to the extreme burden on system performance. In addition, audit records can be generated at various levels of abstraction, including at the packet level as information traverses the network. Selecting the right level of abstraction for audit record generation is a critical aspect of an audit capability and can facilitate the identification of root causes to problems. Related control: AU-3.
Control Enhancements: