Doc:NIST SP 800-53r3 Appendix F/AC-8

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Control: The information system:
a. Displays an approved system use notification message or banner before granting access to the system that provides privacy and security notices consistent with applicable federal laws, Executive Orders, directives, policies, regulations, standards, and guidance and states that: (i) users are accessing a U.S. Government information system; (ii) system usage may be monitored, recorded, and subject to audit; (iii) unauthorized use of the system is prohibited and subject to criminal and civil penalties; and (iv) use of the system indicates consent to monitoring and recording;
b. Retains the notification message or banner on the screen until users take explicit actions to log on to or further access the information system; and
c. For publicly accessible systems: (i) displays the system use information when appropriate, before granting further access; (ii) displays references, if any, to monitoring, recording, or auditing that are consistent with privacy accommodations for such systems that generally prohibit those activities; and (iii) includes in the notice given to public users of the information system, a description of the authorized uses of the system.
Supplemental Guidance: System use notification messages can be implemented in the form of warning banners displayed when individuals log in to the information system. System use notification is intended only for information system access that includes an interactive login interface with a human user and is not intended to require notification when an interactive interface does not exist.
Control Enhancements: None.