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Director of Central Intelligence Directives (DCID) are assignments made by the DCI to various intelligence departments within the U.S. government. The authority for the issuance of DCIDs comes from National Security Council Intelligence Directive (NSCID) No. 1 which details the DCIs responsiblities.

As the Director of Central Intelligence position has been eliminated DCIDs are no longer issued. Documents formerly issued as DCIDs are now being issued as Intelligence Community Directives (ICD).

Historical DCID

Designation Description Date
DCID 1/2 U.S. Intelligence Requirements Categories and Priorities 1972-01-21
DCID 1/3 Committees of the Director of Central Intelligence 1986-05-18
DCID 1/5 Data Standardization for the Intelligence Community 1976-05
DCID 1/7 Control of Dissemination of Intelligence Information 1996-04-16
DCID 1/8 The National Foreign Intelligence Board" (NFIB) 1982-01-28
DCID 1/10 Security Policy Guidance on Liaison Relationships with Foreign Intelligence Organizations and Foreign Security Services 1982-01-18
DCID 1/13 Coordination of Collection and Exploitation of Imagery Intelligence"
DCID 1/14 Minimum Personnel Security Standards and Procedures Governing Eligibility for Access to Sensitive Compartmented Information. 1986-04-14
DCID 1/16 Security Policy fro Uniform Protection of Inteligence Processed In Autmomated Information Systems and Networks." (Secret) 1988-07
DCID 1/18 Recognition of Exceptional Service to the U.S. Intelligence Community. 1976-05-18
DCID 1/19 Uniform Procedures for Administrative Handling and Accountability of Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI).
DCID 1/20 Security Policy Concerning Travel and Assignment of Personnel with Access to Sensitive Compartmented Information.
DCID 1/21 Physcial Standards for Sensitive Compartmented Information 1987-09-01
DCID 2/1 Coordination of Overt Collection Abroad 1960-05-08
DCID 2/9 Management of National Imagery Intelligence" (Secret) 1992-06-01
DCID 3/1 Standard Operating Procedures for Departmental Participation in the Production and Coordination of National Intelligence. 1948-07-08
DCID 3/13 Defines the Technology Transfer Intelligence Committee 1981-12-03
DCID 3/14 Defines the Information Handling Committee 1982-05-04
DCID 3/15 Defines the Foreign Language Committee 1982-03-05
DCID 3/2 Policy Governing Departmental Concurrences in National Intelligence Reports and Estimates. 1948-09-13
DCID 3/3 Defines the Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee.
DCID 3/4 Defines the Guided Missile and Astronautics Intelligence Committee.
DCID 3/5 Defines the Scientific and Technical Intelligence Committee.
DCID 3/7 Defines the Human Resources Committee. 1982-10-12
DCID 3/8 Defines the Critical Intelligence Problems Committee 1983-04-06
DCID 4/1 Interagency Defector Committee 1976-05
DCID 4/2 The Defector Program Abroad 1976-05
DCID 5/1 Coordination of U.S. Clandestine Foreign Intelligence Activities Abroad. 1976-05
DCID 5/2 U.S. Clandestine Foreign Intelligence and Counterintelligence Liaison. 1976-05
DCID 6/1 Functions, composition, and mission of the SIGINT Committee 1982-05-12
DCID 6/3
DCID 7/1 Handling of Critical Information." 1976-08