44 U.S.C., Chapter 35

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Title 44, Chapter 35, Subchapter I, Subchapter I

Federal Information Policy

Sec. 3501.


Sec. 3502.


Sec. 3503.

Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs

Sec. 3504.

Authority and functions of Director

Sec. 3505.

Assignment of tasks and deadlines

Sec. 3506.

Federal agency responsibilities

Sec. 3507.

Public information collection activities; submission to Director; approval and delegation

Sec. 3508.

Determination of necessity for information; hearing

Sec. 3509.

Designation of central collection agency

Sec. 3510.

Cooperation of agencies in making information available

Sec. 3511.

Establishment and operation of Government Information Locator Service

Sec. 3512.

Public protection

Sec. 3513.

Director review of agency activities; reporting; agency response

Sec. 3514.

Responsiveness to Congress

Sec. 3515.

Administrative powers

Sec. 3516.

Rules and regulations

Sec. 3517.

Consultation with other agencies and the public

Sec. 3518.

Effect on existing laws and regulations

Sec. 3519.

Access to information

Sec. 3520.

Establishment of task force on information collection and dissemination

Sec. 3521.

Authorization of appropriations

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